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Simplio3D web based product configurator script

Simplio3D is an affordable web-based product configurator for retailer companies that offer configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. Digital Artflow has been built the software for both sales and product configurator needs and its web-based structure means that companies can deploy it to various areas (customer service, sales, dealers, customers, etc.).     The product configurator can produce sales drawings, 2D and 3D images, generate quotations, issue orders and can be easily integrated with known ecommerce platforms such as: Magento, Opencart, PrestaShop and WooCommerce at an affordable cost.   Simplio3D web based product configurator for ecommerce   Don’t hesitate to check out Simplio3D product configuration website for more information and why not contact us for a free consultation to see if would fit your needs.    
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Catalog Management Using InnoPlanner

The main purpose of Innoplanner is to make interior design more flexible and affordable for both manufacturers and retailers. Retailers already use such solutions but there is a need for a more dynamic and easy way to better communicate with manufacturer catalogs. Hence Innoplanner therefore brings the latest technology to provide these advantages. Living in the age of hand-held devices and powerful internet we believe Innoplanner can provide great advantages to  the interior design industry.   Content Management System for Manufacturers   One of the many advantages that Innoplanner provides is the Manufacturer Panel. Actually the Manufacturer Panel is a Content Management System for cabinetry, accessories and appliances manufactures. Basically manufacturers can manage their own  product catalogs including pricing, SKUs, discounts and descriptions to 3D models, dealer networks and ordering and many more functions.. This way manufacturers can easily update their catalogs by themselves in real-time without being dependent on the third party service provider. Also manufacturers can connect their panel with internal operations software such as: SAP, ERPs, and others.   The Most Up-to-Date Catalog Database in the Market   Manufacturers require updated catalogs in real time. The InnoPlanner manufacturer panel allows them to add new products, change prices, stock levels and make any alterations whenever necessary, without being dependent on third party vendors.   Retailers and designers will greatly appreciate this function, since they will no longer be required to download updates and patches at frequent intervals. With InnoPlanner, both manufacturers and retailers enjoy the most up to date content - increasing accuracy and efficency for all concerned parties.   Easy Access for Retailers/Dealers   Stuck with your installation? Tired downloading updates and patches? Too expensive and complex for what you need? Innoplanner moves the entire design and ordering process online. Access the interior design software from an internet browser or app. The best thing about Innoplanner is that the software is not limited to one device and you can access your account wherever you may be. The account works on a monthly or yearly subscription, without the hassle of  licenses, USB keys, etc.   API for Big Data and eCommerce Projects   Once you have a rich centralized database with manufacturer catalogs, the possibilities are unlimited. You can manipulate and lever the information for greater efficiency with the help of various tools such as APIs for developers, in order to feed catalogs directly into eCommerce websites, for user/lead engagement and showroom presentations. You can use Innoplanner for Virtual Reality and implement Augmented Reality for mobile devices, that would recognize products with the help of a camera.     Manufacturers to Join and Test InnoPlanner   Currently the Innoplanner team is looking for interested early-bird manufacturers to join and test the system. If you require more information or would like to publish your catalog inside the Innoplanner database, please explore our website at      
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Interior design software for websites

InnoPlanner is the flagship product we developed for the interior design industry and is built to provide the option to offer a 2D and 3D showroom visualization of products directly online through an internet browser, while also releasing instant and automatic quotations, based on the specific combination of products that the customers choose such as: colors, finishes, type of handle, or any other options that the company may offer. InnoPlanner is a web based 3D interior planner for retail websites.     webplanner     A 3D interior planner tool is great for engaging potential customers visiting your website and products, also an integrated interior planner installed on a website can be a great tool to generate quality leads. InnoPlanner can be easily adapted to all kinds of products: kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, shelving, booth configurations and many other products can be accommodated inside the system. This is perfect for DIY-ers, a guaranteed minimum 10% engaged users with the interior planner tool from your total website visitors per month can be provided.     Now you can easily own a branded web-based interior design tool next to your website and compete with the big box hardware stores.     Contact us for a FREE QUOTATION by visiting the application website here:    
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Innoplanner can take your designs wherever the world takes you

Innoplanner is a web-based software solution that gives you complete access to our manufacturers database, without tying you down to a hardware key. Revolutionize the way you do business by transforming any device including tablets and smartphones into your personal design studio with the click of a button.   Get ready to meet the new industry standard.   K&B design professionals shouldn’t have to wait for program downloads or installations. They shouldn’t be limited to one computer or one office location. Mobility is the key, and we get that.   ipad_web3   Innoplanner brings mobility and flexibility to an industry that refuses to sit still. As a web-based application, designers are able to log inside the Innoplanner system from any device in any location and access a full suite of professional design tools, including manufacturer catalogs, orders listing and all previously saved designs. Create and share beautiful 3D renderings right from your browser using the latest in WebGL technology.   Key Features:   - Full suite of professional design tools, now available completely online - Manufacturer and appliance catalogs available online - Work from any device at any time through your internet browser - No hardware keys, downloads or installation required - Open, edit and save designs within the cloud environment - Easily manage designer accounts and licenses online - Store all designs and customer information conveniently in one database   If you want to find out more, you can visit the Innoplanner website and use the contact section. The team is happy to answer any questions and discuss your options. We are currently seeking catalog and business partnerships to distribute our solution worldwide.  
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Wardrobe Design and Quotation Software for Retail and Manufacturing Companies

 Digital Artflow is adding to its product portfolio the Wardrobe Application, a modern web-based wardrobe/closet design software that covers the entire sales process from design to ordering part including a fully working content management system. The application is built to deliver more value to your business, by reducing the costs related to different operations and at the same time significantly increasing the speed of the ordering process.


Smart Deployment


The beauty of the Wardrobe Application is that it loads in a cloud server as a preconfigured solution and it can be deployed to specific retail companies by configuring specific retail account terminal subscriptions that can be canceled anytime with no risk whatsoever. Hence you don’t need to hassle with license purchase, installation and maintenance.



It Uses the Latest Technology


We believe that using the latest technology makes it more affordable. Web environment provides us more possibilities like never before in such a way that today technology becomes more accessible, affordable and higher flexibility. Wardrobe Application is using the latest rendering engine in terms of 2D vector graphics called pixi.js, a javascript-based 2D WebGL renderer with canvas fallback functions for the fastest response.

    The main reason of using such technology is to make it as friendly as possible on any device from desktop computers to laptops and tablets, becoming the only true responsive wardrobe design software out in the market today.  

Primary Features


Wardrobe Application is a SAAS-based solution (Software-as-a-Service) where its main core provides many possibilities to fit at its best to specific wardrobe/closet businesses. However the Wardrobe Application does come with a wide range of features ready to be deployed on a terminal account subscription. The most important ones are:

-User Interface is TouchScreen Ready

-Complete 2D design tool that takes you from creating walls to specific built-in wardrobes drag-n-drop options

-Calendar module for orders and installation schedule

-Client, Consultant/Dealer and Showroom Management System

-Multiple Wardrobe Designs in One Order

-Wardrobe Stock Parts Management System

-Discount Module




Wardrobe App on Microsoft SURFACE Pro

Wardrobe Application comes with lots of advantages, for example you don’t need to spend on expensive equipment to start using the software, maintenance, upgrades and technical support are included in the subscription fee. If you have a specific CRM/ERP we can help you easily to integrate it with our application.


In short the Wardrobe Application is meant to be a complete SAAS-based wardrobe design software to build and design closets, generate quotations, issue orders, installation scheduling and manage wardrobe stock parts for helping retail businesses to speed up the sales process and impress their clients.

For free consultation please contact us for a more elaborate discussion.

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How InnoPlanner Can Help Overcome the Small Retailer’s Challenge?!

InnoPlanner is the affordable professional 2D and 3D interior design platform. Is the alternative to the desktop kitchen and bath design software’s on the market today that cost thousands of dollars to purchase and hundreds per year in added fees.   "I have been in business to business sales for almost 35 years. As a manufacturers representative, I sell kitchen and bath cabinetry to remodelers and general contractors who work directly with homeowners. Before I was a Cabinet rep I was a remodeler and no one understands more than I do the importance of having a 3D rendering to show the homeowner." said William Prince, Regional Outside Business Developer at Ridgeland Enterprises.   A 3D rendering is a powerful sales tool that allows the homeowner to see what their new interior design is going to look like. For a small company a 3D rendering makes them look more professional and gives them a tool to be able to compete with the big box hardware stores.    InnoPlanner is a cloud-based interior design platform meaning it doesn't require a lot of processing power and RAM to operate. The user can create 3D designs, access manufacturer catalogs and issue orders using any device that has internet access including tablets. No installation required, no maintenance fees and free upgrades.   "The cost of a desktop design software with the same functions as InnoPlanner is between $3,000 and $4,000 to purchase plus the user has to pay an annual maintenance fee of around $600 per year. Instead of spending thousands per year in upfront cost our customer could have the option of a month to month subscription say for $29.99 or annual subscription for $299.99, a fraction of the cost of the desktop software" said William Prince, Regional Outside Business Developer at Ridgeland Enterprises.   Instead of spending thousands per year in upfront cost our customer could have the option of a month to month subscription say for $29.99 or annual subscription for $299.99, a fraction of the cost of the desktop software  
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Is it suitable for my business?

Our first mission in starting a collaboration is to help answer to each of our potential clients if it is suitable for their business or not.   Majority of retailers & manufacturers can use our solutions for both back-stage and user engagement; it will appeal to some customers. Anyone looking especially at the DIY segment should have something like our solutions. You will also find some trade like it as an easy option.   In case of user engagement/DIY segment (like php Kitchen Planner), the majority will use it as a guide to play with the space and then ask for you to review it, this is the ideal for most retailers and will enhance your position as long as set up and positioned properly. It is worth looking at all the options we have as many applications do not offer all the options at a good value.   The key objective is to work out whom your target audience is and if it is suitable. In terms of your website its main job is to support your business and generate leads for you, not just to act as a business card. Several tools can be used to achieve this and an online planner is one of them.  
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Looking for Business Partners

We are a web-based software development service provider company located in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, mainly specialized in interior design industry business.     Digital Artflow provides also pre-developed software products that are ready to be integrated into specific business structures. We are currently seeking business partners that are willing to help us expand and enter area markets with our products and services.     For the moment, we have 4 products in our portfolio: InnoPlanner, Simplio3D, Wardrobe App and php Kitchen Planner. For InnoPlanner you can fill this form for the catalog partnership. For the business partners fill this form.     Don’t hesitate to contact us here for more information.    
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Digital Artflow launched Simplio3D

Digital Artflow has launched its second software product, a pre-developed single-object 3D makeover tool, as an alternative to our first software product, the php Kitchen Planner. The difference in between the two is that the interior planner software is considered to be a multi-object configurator, that focuses its functions mainly on interior planning solutions rather than Simplio which is more for basic product configurations.   Simplio3D   Our experience with php Kitchen Planner has shown that the majority of the inquiries were tackling the simple 2D or 3D set-ups, which involved the customization of single objects for example: static images with kitchen designs and the possibility to change worktops, cabinet colors, door finishes, another example is designing a customized wooden box that provides a final price also before ordering, but the applications are much greater. These objects used in Simplio did not quite use a fair percentage of the complexity of the pKP platform, in order to function.   Simplio3D web based product configurator for ecommerce   This has lead to a new idea: in order to reduce the costs for the set-ups, we built a much simpler tool script for the single object configuration that still provides high interactivity with users, that could solely fulfill the above-mentioned inquiry needs.   For more information about our product you can visit our dedicated website here:    
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Cum îmi comand bucătăria online pe

Prin intermediul site-ului, achiziţionarea bucătăriei devine mult mai interactivă, oferind posibilitatea explorării online a unei game largi de opţiuni de bucătării.

Tehnologia din zilele noastre poate transforma achiziţionarea unei bucătării într-un proces mult mai confortabil și mai ieftin. Mai mult decât atât, cumpărarea unei bucătării prin intermediul unui magazin online poate fi mai transparentă, permiţând controlul bugetului prin posibilitatea vizionării mai multor opţiuni, prin doar câteva click-uri.  

Bucatarii mai ieftine

  Nu există un showroom tocmai pentru a elimina nişte costuri care, inevitabil, s-ar resfrânge în preţul final al bucătăriei. Drept alternativă, oferă posibilitatea de a comanda mostre online. Puteţi în orice moment comanda mostre de uşi sau de blaturi existente în catalogul de bucatarii Kitchens2Go, la 3 lei bucata. Se folosesc cele mai bune materiale: uşi MDF de la Egger şi o mare varietate de blaturi termorezistente de 40mm grosime, de cea mai bună calitate. Este foarte important ca, înainte de a începe proiectul, să vă măsurați spațiul unde va fi amplasată bucătăria, semnalând: poziția prizelor și a ferestrelor, poziția racordului la apă/scurgere, locul unde va fi gaura de la hotă etc.  

Structura catalogului

  Site-ul este bine structurat și începe cu secțiunea: Corpuri. Site-ul vă permite să vă selectați singur corpurile, folosind un set de filtre menite să listeze un anumit model de corp de bucătărie. Filtrarea se poate face după: culoare, categorie de corpuri (corp de bază, jandarm sau suspendate) sau după elemente (panouri laterale, pilaștri, cornișe etc.).  Sistemul este creat în așa fel încât să ofere libertatea de a proiecta propria bucătărie în câteva minute, estimând instant și prețul. Puteți face oricând corecții pentru a putea vizualiza mai multe versiuni și pentru a vă încadra într-un anumit buget. Secțiunile următoare sunt: Mânere (moderne și clasice), Blaturi (filtrate pe culori și pe dimensiuni: lungime și lățime), Set-uri de bucătării la prețuri promoționale și Accesorii (fie că doriți să completați bucătăria sau să înlocuiți o componentă din bucătăria deja existentă).  

Servicii de consultanta, masuratoare, transport si montaj

  Dacă nu vă doriți foarte mult să faceți economii, ne puteți cere în orice moment să ne ocupăm noi de toate etapele necesare achiziționării bucătăriei; asta presupunând tot ciclul de achiziționare: serviciile de consultanță, de măsurătoare, de transport, de manipulare și montaj. Nu uitați de planificatorul 3D online, care vă poate ajuta într-un mod mai tehnic să vă reproduceți cât mai fidel bucătăria dorită, oferindu-vă și o estimare de preț. Configuratorul de bucătării 3D este foarte util, mai ales pentru designerii care doresc să genereze un proiect împreună cu o cotație, folosind direct aplicația noastră incorporată în website. Este important de știut că la orice comandă făcută pe website, nu se finalizează nicio plată până nu se revizuiește telefonic comanda de către un consultant Kitchens2Go, pentru a ne asigura că ați comandat ce trebuie. După ce se confirmă comanda, se poate alege metoda de plată și se stabilesc eventualele servicii adiționale, cum ar fi: serviciul de transport, serviciul de montaj și manipulare mobilă.  

Este în regulă să vă răzgândiți.

  Nu uitați de politica de retur. În acest caz, veți primi înapoi întreaga sumă achitată pe produs (fără transport sau alte servicii ce au fost prestate) sau veți primi doar suma pe coletele returnate, dacă nu a fost trimisă înapoi întreaga comandă.  
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