Simplio3D web based product configurator script

1.04.2016 / 0 comments

Simplio3D is an affordable web-based product configurator for retailer companies that offer configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. Digital Artflow has been built the software for both sales and product configurator needs and its web-based structure means that companies…

Catalog Management Using InnoPlanner

28.03.2016 / 0 comments

The main purpose of Innoplanner is to make interior design more flexible and affordable for both manufacturers and retailers. Retailers already use such solutions but there is a need for a more dynamic and easy way to better communicate with…

Interior design software for websites

4.03.2016 / 0 comments

InnoPlanner is the flagship product we developed for the interior design industry and is built to provide the option to offer a 2D and 3D showroom visualization of products directly online through an internet browser, while also releasing instant and automatic quotations, based on…

Innoplanner can take your designs wherever the world takes you

2.02.2016 / 0 comments

Innoplanner is a web-based software solution that gives you complete access to our manufacturers database, without tying you down to a hardware key. Revolutionize the way you do business by transforming any device including tablets and smartphones into your personal…

How InnoPlanner Can Help Overcome the Small Retailer’s Challenge?!

26.09.2015 / 0 comments

InnoPlanner is the affordable professional 2D and 3D interior design platform. Is the alternative to the desktop kitchen and bath design software’s on the market today that cost thousands of dollars to purchase and hundreds per year in added fees….

Is it suitable for my business?

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Our first mission in starting a collaboration is to help answer to each of our potential clients if it is suitable for their business or not.   Majority of retailers & manufacturers can use our solutions for both back-stage and…

Looking for Business Partners

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We are a web-based software development service provider company located in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, mainly specialized in interior design industry business.     Digital Artflow provides also pre-developed software products that are ready to be integrated into specific…

Digital Artflow launched Simplio3D

18.03.2014 / 0 comments

Digital Artflow has launched its second software product, a pre-developed single-object 3D makeover tool, as an alternative to our first software product, the php Kitchen Planner. The difference in between the two is that the interior planner software is considered…

Cum îmi comand bucătăria online pe

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Prin intermediul site-ului, achiziţionarea bucătăriei devine mult mai interactivă, oferind posibilitatea explorării online a unei game largi de opţiuni de bucătării. Tehnologia din zilele noastre poate transforma achiziţionarea unei bucătării într-un proces mult mai confortabil și mai ieftin. Mai…