The main purpose of Innoplanner is to make interior design more flexible and affordable for both manufacturers and retailers. Retailers already use such solutions but there is a need for a more dynamic and easy way to better communicate with manufacturer catalogs. Hence Innoplanner therefore brings the latest technology to provide these advantages. Living in the age of hand-held devices and powerful internet we believe Innoplanner can provide great advantages to  the interior design industry.


Content Management System for Manufacturers


One of the many advantages that Innoplanner provides is the Manufacturer Panel. Actually the Manufacturer Panel is a Content Management System for cabinetry, accessories and appliances manufactures. Basically manufacturers can manage their own  product catalogs including pricing, SKUs, discounts and descriptions to 3D models, dealer networks and ordering and many more functions. This way manufacturers can easily update their catalogs by themselves in real-time without being dependent on the third party service provider. Also manufacturers can connect their panel with internal operations software such as: SAP, ERPs, and others.


The Most Up-to-Date Catalog Database in the Market


Manufacturers require updated catalogs in real time. The InnoPlanner manufacturer panel allows them to add new products, change prices, stock levels and make any alterations whenever necessary, without being dependent on third party vendors.

Retailers and designers will greatly appreciate this function, since they will no longer be required to download updates and patches at frequent intervals. With InnoPlanner, both manufacturers and retailers enjoy the most up to date content - increasing accuracy and efficency for all concerned parties.


Easy Access for Retailers/Dealers


Stuck with your installation? Tired downloading updates and patches? Too expensive and complex for what you need? Innoplanner moves the entire design and ordering process online. Access the interior design software from an internet browser or app. The best thing about Innoplanner is that the software is not limited to one device and you can access your account wherever you may be. The account works on a monthly or yearly subscription, without the hassle of  licenses, USB keys, etc.


API for Big Data and eCommerce Projects


Once you have a rich centralized database with manufacturer catalogs, the possibilities are unlimited. You can manipulate and lever the information for greater efficiency with the help of various tools such as APIs for developers, in order to feed catalogs directly into eCommerce websites, for user/lead engagement and showroom presentations. You can use Innoplanner for Virtual Reality and implement Augmented Reality for mobile devices, that would recognize products with the help of a camera.  


Manufacturers to Join and Test InnoPlanner


Currently the Innoplanner team is looking for interested early-bird manufacturers to join and test the system. Please contact us for more details. If you require more information or would like to publish your catalog inside the InnoPlanner database, please explore our website at