Digital Artflow has launched the second software product, a 3D visual product configurator. Simplio3d is an alternative to our first software product, php Kitchen Planner


The difference in between the two is that the php Kitchen Planner is considered to be a multi-object visual product configurator for websites, that focuses its functions mainly on interior planning solutions rather than Simplio which is more for single-object product configurations.




Our experience with php Kitchen Planner has shown that the majority of the inquiries were tackling the simple 2D or 3D set-ups. The inquires usually involved the customization of one object for example: kitchen layouts and the possibility to change worktops, cabinet colors, door finishes. Another example is designing a customized wooden box that provides a final price also before ordering. These objects used, currently found in Simplio, did not quite use a fair percentage of the complexity of the pKP platform, in order to function.



Visual Product Configurator

This has lead to a new implementation: in order to reduce the costs for the set-ups, we built a much simpler tool script, a product configuration tool called Simplio3D. The tool still provides high interactivity with users, that could solely fulfill the above-mentioned inquiry needs.


For more information about our product you can visit our dedicated website here: