is the flagship product we developed for the interior design industry
and is built to provide the option to offer a 2D and 3D showroom visualization of products directly online through an internet browser, while also releasing instant and automatic quotations, based on the specific combination of products that the customers choose such as: colors, finishes, type of handle, or any other options that the company may offer.

InnoPlanner is a web based 3D interior planner for retail websites.






A 3D interior planner tool is great for engaging potential customers visiting your website and products, also an integrated interior planner installed on a website can be a great tool to generate quality leads. InnoPlanner can be easily adapted to all kinds of products: kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, shelving, booth configurations and many other products can be accommodated inside the system. This is perfect for DIY-ers, a guaranteed minimum 10% engaged users with the interior planner tool from your total website visitors per month can be provided.



Now you can easily own a branded web-based interior design tool next to your website and compete with the big box hardware stores.



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