Our first mission in starting a collaboration is to help answer to each of our potential clients if it is suitable for their business or not.


Majority of retailers & manufacturers can use our solutions for both back-stage and user engagement; it will appeal to some customers. Anyone looking especially at the DIY segment should have something like our solutions. You will also find some trade like it as an easy option.


In case of user engagement/DIY segment (like php Kitchen Planner), the majority will use it as a guide to play with the space and then ask for you to review it, this is the ideal for most retailers and will enhance your position as long as set up and positioned properly. It is worth looking at all the options we have as many applications do not offer all the options at a good value.


The key objective is to work out whom your target audience is and if it is suitable. In terms of your website its main job is to support your business and generate leads for you, not just to act as a business card. Several tools can be used to achieve this and an online planner is one of them.