WardrobeCPQ is a modern web-based wardrobe/closet design software that covers the entire sales process from design to ordering part including a fully working content management system. The application is built to deliver more value to your business, by reducing the costs related to different operations and at the same time significantly increasing the speed of the ordering process.


Smart Deployment


The beauty of the WardrobeCPQ is that it loads in a cloud server as a preconfigured solution. The software can be deployed to specific retail companies by configuring account subscriptions that can be canceled anytime with no risk whatsoever. Hence you don’t need to hassle with license purchase, installation and maintenance.



It Uses the Latest Technology


We believe that using the latest technology makes it more affordable. Web environment provides us more possibilities like never before in such a way that today technology becomes more accessible, affordable and higher flexibility. WardrobeCPQ is using the latest rendering engine in terms of 2D vector graphics called pixi.js, a javascript-based 2D WebGL renderer with canvas fallback functions for the fastest response.



The main reason of using such technology is to make it as friendly as possible on any device from desktop computers to laptops and tablets.


Primary Features


Mainly is a SAAS-based solution (Software-as-a-Service) where its main core provides almost unlimited possibilities to fit at its best to specific wardrobe/closet businesses and not only. However the WardrobeCPQ does come with a wide range of features ready to be deployed on a terminal account subscription. The most important ones are:

-User Interface is TouchScreen Ready

-Complete 2D design tool that takes you from creating walls to specific built-in wardrobes drag-n-drop options

-Calendar module for orders and installation schedule

-Client, Consultant/Dealer and Showroom Management System

-Multiple Wardrobe Designs in One Order

-Wardrobe Stock Parts Management System

-Discount Module




WardrobeCPQ comes with lots of advantages, for example you don’t need to spend on expensive equipment to start using the software. Maintenance, upgrades and technical support are included in the subscription fee. If you have a specific CRM/ERP we can help you easily to integrate it with our application.


In short the WardrobeCPQ is meant to be a complete SAAS-based wardrobe design software to: build and design closets, generate quotations, issue orders, installation scheduling and manage wardrobe stock parts. The software main role is to help retail businesses to speed up the sales process and impress their clients.


Please see one of our case studies involving integration of WardrobeCPQ into their selling workflow: https://www.digitalartflow.com/portfolio/wardrobe-design-software/


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