InnoPlanner is a web-based professional interior design software solution that gives you complete access to our manufacturers database, without tying you down to a hardware key. Revolutionize the way you do business by transforming any device including tablets and smartphones into your personal design studio with the click of a button.


Get ready to meet the new industry standard


K&B design professionals shouldn’t have to wait for program downloads or installations. They shouldn’t be limited to one computer or one office location. Mobility is the key, and we get that.




Inno Planner brings mobility and flexibility to an industry that refuses to sit still. As a web-based home design 3d application, designers are able to log inside the system from any device in any location and access a full suite of professional design tools. Designer can easily access manufacturer catalogs, orders listing and all previously saved designs. Create and share beautiful 3D renderings right from your browser using the latest in WebGL technology.


Key Features:


- Full suite of professional design tools, now available completely online

- Manufacturer and appliance catalogs available online

- Work from any device at any time through your internet browser

- No hardware keys, downloads or installation required

- Open, edit and save designs within the cloud environment

- Easily manage designer accounts and licenses online

- Store all designs and customer information conveniently in one database


If you want to find out more, you can visit the Innoplanner website and use the contact section. Or you can contact us directly from here. The team is happy to answer any questions and discuss your options. We are currently seeking catalog and business partnerships to distribute our solution worldwide.