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We offer a wide range of affordable software products, that are developed for the web environment. Our ready-made solutions were thought to minimize the time and the costs involved in the implementation process, by offering complete software ideas, easy to use and easy to adapt for a variety of businesses.


InnoPlanner is a modern web-based interior design platform that integrates a ordering and database management system.

The 3D rendering is becoming a powerful selling instrument, that allows the manufacturers, retailers, designers, architects and house owners to visualize the desired interior design even before ordering it. For a small company, the 3D rendering technique helps to a more professional impression, while also offering these companies, in time, a leverage in the competition with the bigger companies that deal with the same business.

InnoPlanner is distributed through a Software-as-a-Service business model having 4 main subscription plans.

Contact us for more information about tailored solutions we provide for your company such as: the generic designer account, manufacturer accounts to manage digital catalogues, white-label options for internal operations or website integrations.

php Kitchen Planner for Retailers

php Kitchen Planner for Retailers is an advantageous white-label software solution chosen by companies dealing with modular furniture, who want to have the possibility of offering an online 3D showroom of their products, while also being able to issue instant quotes, specific to the chosen products configuration that the customers or the consultants have chosen from the database. The multiple combinations of individual furniture pieces can range from color/texture to materials, door finishes, door handles, counter material and many more elements that compose the final design and are decisive for the final quote.
The customers will be able to access the products catalogue and by just clicking a few times, they can plan their own favourite designs, directly from an Internet browser. php Kitchen Planner can be integrated into virtual shops, on demand.

Wardrobe Design and Ordering Software

The solution allows the consultants or the dealers to draw wardrobes for the customers. The interface of the closet design tool is built to work on any device or internet browser and is very intuitive.
The wardrobe design software is connected to a server, in order to easily run on any device, like tablets for example. The user will open the browser (or an icon of the app from the desktop) and will be directly connected to the app.
The use of the app will be possible through an interface which allows the consultants to make a technical drawing of a wardrobe, while also generating a quote and all that is needed in order to finalize the order. The order is then delivered to the warehouse, the required material colors are applied and alerts will pop-up, if issues like material insufficiency or new components arise, which prevent the order from finalizing.

pKP for Manufacturers
php Kitchen Planner for Manufacturers

Not too different from the Retailers version is the Manufacturer version, which is dedicated to managing the dealers network through an interior design app, by offering dealers the possibility of accessing in real time catalogues, automatic quotes and 2D and 3D renderings.

By using the producers version, you have the possibility to easily manage the accounts of your dealers, the products catalogues, by also offering, at the same time, instant quotes, 2D and 3D renderings, through an online planning instrument, available for each registered dealer.

Simplio3d Web Based Product Configurator

Simplio3D is an easy-to-use web-based makeover tool or product configuration software, which offers the possibility to quickly install an interactive calculation instrument, for involving the website visitors in an interaction with a 3D version of the specific products, while also offering a price estimation.
The product configurator (CPQ) software can include a wide range of products. It has a great potential when applied in car sales, electronic gadgets sales, sales of various interior and exterior products, jewelry, fashion items and many other products which can be sold through a wide range of forms.


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