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Enhance Your eCommerce With a 3D Floor Planning System
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InnoPlanner is a pre-built web-based floor planning system. No installation required, no more downloads, works on most internet browsers. Users can easily create a 3D project using any internet connected device. The solution was also built for manufacturers who want to publish their catalogs in 3D format, so retailers and designers can access the data more easily.

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The InnoPlanner CPQ system has been built to make floor planning design more flexible and affordable for both retailers and the manufacturers. Retailers have a number of solutions, both good and bad, while manufacturers have roughly the same style of costly solutions wherever they go. Therefore, InnoPlanner recognises the need for a more flexible and productive way for manufacturer’s 3D catalogs.

InnoPlanner’s manufacturing module has been designed from the ground up to use the latest technology, in order to give powerful advantages at a realistic cost. Living in an age of hand-held devices and internet, InnoPlanner offer great advantages especially to the interior design industry.

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