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Build simple to medium complexity 3d configurators directly online. Immediate start, sign up and start to build your configurator today.

We have been developing product configurators for a long time, from the simplest to the most complex, during this time we also tried to offer pre-built and SaaS solutions that make these applications more affordable and can deliver faster.

This is how Simplio3D came about and is currently our flagship product that most of our customers benefit from. The platform evolved greatly during years crossing many concept challenges that solved product quoting and customization issues and was able to really offer what it was supposed to offer.

Why does Simplio3D change the architecture of the platform?

Simplio3D is about to cross another major milestone by coming up with a completely different architecture with the main goal of making 3d product configuration more accessible to the general public. One of the main challenges in making highly customizable products accessible was making the logic friendlier and less dependent on developers and engineers. To be able to refine this, we needed feedback from non-technical people who don’t have CAD skills and are able to tell us how they would intuitively expect such an application to work. This way we got to the conclusion that most users will want a hierarchical block & inline logic concept in the same way we have on most applications for example WordPress when creating posts and pages.

Block logic for single object configurators

Following this concept, we rebuilt the Simplio3D platform, allowing users to create 3d configurators using only block logic, without editing in the viewport, tree structure or element nodes, which would make product configurators more inconvenient for non-technical users who they are not familiar with CAD technologies. The new architecture is built for 3D product configurators from simple to medium complexity, and the platform retains its original capabilities for more advanced product configurators that require skilled developers and engineers for implementation. Simplio3D wants to allow any user to create their own 3d product configurator without any developer input for a small monthly fee that would normally cost several thousand dollars.

A platform for everyone

The main purpose of the platform is to facilitate users to build their own configurators from all aspects: creating option variations, conditional logic, pricing structure, layout and its integrations, all from a single account and able to expand its capabilities whenever needed beyond its standard plans. The platform can serve major industries such as: furniture, clothing, sheds, carports, jewelry, doors, windows, roofs and halls, and many more, becoming an indispensable tool in today’s internet era.

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